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A dreamer women from Venezuela. Architect, Interior Designer, Social Media Addicted, Fashion and Beauty Lover.
Keepin' it my own style since 1994. Love to fill up my mind with new experiences, get to know to new people and places around,...

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Born in  Maracaibo - Venezuela.
Nutritionist-Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer. His goal is to promote nutrition - without restriction or obsession - science and physical  exercise as a healthy lifestyle.
He is faithful to his beliefs and ideas, lover of photography and running.

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Queremos hacer de Dekora Style Blog una comunidad en la que TU también puedas expresar tus ideas, si crees que puedes colaborar con algún articulo de estilo de vida, belleza, moda, viajes, recetas y mas que sientas que se relacionan, ¡no dudes en contactarnos!

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Keep in Touch

We want to make Dekora Style  a community where you can also express your ideas, if you think you can work with an article of lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel, recipes and more you feel it can relate with our community, Do not hesitate to contact us!

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