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October 17, 2018

Halloween Party Decor IDeas 2018





Halloween Party Decor IDeas 2018


A mediados de octubre ya empieza a causar mas emoción una de las fiestas mas esperadas en todo el año, el Halloween. Y una de las cosas mas divertidas del Halloween aparte de los disfraces son las fiestas, por ende la decoración es clave. En este punto no tengo planeado organizar una fiesta pero con solo verlas muchas ideas que hay para decorar, me dan ganas. Compartí un board de Pinterest que hasta llegue a crear, porque apenas vi una idea me fui emocionando y encontré muchísimas. Espero les ayude en caso que deseen organizar sus fiestas de Halloween. Me dejan saber como les fue 😉


In mid-October and begins to get more excitement of one of the most anticipated events throughout the year, Halloween. And one of the fun things on Halloween besides the costumes, are the parties and their decorations are key to succeed on the spoky event. At this point I don’t plan to organize a party but with just seeing those amazing decor ideas, I feel like it. So I decided to shared a Pinterest board that I created, I swear as soon as I saw one idea I got so excited and couldn’t stop looking for more. I hopeyou can find helpful in case you wish to organize your Halloween party theme. They let me know how was that 😉



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I'm Karen, passion for lifestyle blogging and interior design... Dreamer Currently livin' in Miami, Florida. I was actually born and raised on Maracaibo, Venezuela. There, I graduated from the School of Architecture and my career journey began in the world of interior design...

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